Beginnings: Cover to Cover

When events become history, they seem inventible, as if the outcome could never have happened any other way, however until they are safely locked into the past there are always as many possibilities and variables as waves on an ocean. My new book, Beginning Drawing Atelier, took many different twists and turns before it reached its printed form and there were times it seemed like it wouldn’t make it at all.
The origin of this new book started unintentionally, when I designed a small sketchbook to do master-copy drawings during a flight to Europe eight years ago. The trip was scheduled to take a painful twenty-four hours, so I chose a few Michelangelo drawings and dedicated my travel time to examining them. I toned the paper, attached the drawings, and bound it. I loved studying these drawings, letting the chaos of travel fade away into the distant background, I was a world unto myself. This experience stayed in the back of my mind over the intervening years.

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A few years ago, a friend of mine asked how he could continue studying art until he was able to quit his day job to study art full-time, and I thought once again about the potential of a sketchbook. I pulled together historical drawings that he could use study the fundamentals of great drawing. He did a beautiful job sketching from the originals, loved it, and soon after, began suggesting I publish it. If it wasn’t for his continued nudging the book would never have been written. However, the idea only took fire in my mind when I realized that this was not a book for artists, but for everyone.

This book is a way to preserve the human art of observation, solitude and appreciation. Drawing is one of the best ways I know to foster both concentration and self-expression. Drawing forces us to slow down, appreciate what we see and engage with life. We only need a pencil and a piece of paper to change the way we see the world.

It was years from the time I reached out to the publisher, including some bumps, dead ends, and many twists and turns, till the time this book reached the light of day but those are stories for another time.

Welcome to the world Beginning Drawing Atelier.