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In this episode Danny talked with Juliette Aristides about the importance of building rest into our lives, the way social media changes the way we see and experience art, the role of art in the public sphere, the way experiencing beauty in our day to day surroundings can have a profoundly positive effect on us, and so much more.

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Peter Trippi & Juliette Aristides Talk at the Lequire Gallery

This is a really great moment in the history of American contemporary art and Juliette is one of the reasons why.
— Peter Trippi, Editor in Chief, Fine Art ConnoisseurMagazine

Peter Trippi and Juliette Aristides discuss her latest body of work, inspirations, and the contemporary art world of today in this gallery exhibition talk at the Lequire Galley.


“One of Aristides’s broad goals is to help others rediscover the beauty in daily life.”

Featured in the May/June 2019 issue of Fine Art Connoisseur, Juliette Aristides shines in an interview written by Kelly Compton.

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Artist of the Week: Juliette Aristides

Seattle Refined: How long have you been creating? Do you work with other mediums? I started making art at 17 and have now been creating for decades. My primary medium is oil painting and charcoal drawing. I also create with words—my fifth and sixth books are being released in April & September 2019…

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"Atelier education is centered on the belief that working in a studio, not sitting in the lecture hall, is the best place to learn about art.

Today's presentation is expected to include a demonstration and discussion of some of the insights to be found in the new book.

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“Considered a master of classical realist painting — and a leader in the revival of the style

Aristides’ paintings and drawings are characterized by virtuosic craftsmanship and a deep appreciation for the beauty found in the observable world….Aristides corresponded with The Tennessean about her work and current exhibition, on view at LeQuire Gallery through June 22.”  

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“Gage Academy makes classical art training cool again.

Aristides describes what goes on at Gage as a kind of resistance movement, one aimed at bringing us back to fundamental ideas about art and beauty while emphasizing the inherent value in being truly present not just in the studio but in our own lives. “That direct encounter between the mind and the world around us,” Aristides explains, “that’s what leads to art.’”

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“…Gage Academy's classical atelier attracts students from around the world.”

“The Aristides Atelier at Gage is one of the few torch-bearers, and because it is so rare, its 16 students come from all over the world and make sacrifices to attend full-time. Several already have degrees in art….They are here strictly because they believe that this is the best art education they can get.”

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“Juliette Aristides, a leader in the revival of classical realism, outlines ways anyone can learn to draw—and why it's imperative for today's society… Read More>>

Julietter Aristidesand Roger Scruton, Photo by Brittany McGinley

Julietter Aristidesand Roger Scruton, Photo by Brittany McGinley

“In her excellent keynote presentation, on the final day of the four day conference she reminded [us] that we are designed for beautiful environments and to do meaningful work… Read More>>