★★★★★ “There are few who know about classical painting like Juliette Aristides. The book is the next best thing to studying with her in person.”–B. Eric Rhoads, publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur and PleinAir Magazines 

★★★★★ “[Lessons in Classical Drawing] is the most accessible book on classical drawing that I have ever read. I own all 3 of this author's books. This book is a whole new level of growth from Ms. Aristides. I feel with this volume her skills at teaching have exceeded her exceptional gifts in drawing….For those who are serious about improving their drawing skills, I could not recommend any book more highly.” –Design Maven, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ As with all of Juliette Aristides' books, [Beginning Drawing Atelier] is just beautiful. It's not overly large, and the information is excellent for those that want to learn real art skills in the atelier tradition. I will be doing a podcast review of this book on my website in the future. –Amazon Review

★★★★★ Outstanding. [Beginning Drawing Atelier] Another outstanding publication from Juliette which comes as no surprise. I own all of her books and refer to them quite often. This book should be in your library. Michael Mentler, Artist

★★★★★ Together with her book on Classical Painting, Ms. Aristides’ books revolutionized my approach to doing artwork. I started as an almost complete beginner with no formal training. Reading [Lessons in Classical Drawing: Essential Techniques from Inside the Atelier] and practicing gave me the skills and techniques to progress very quickly. I had been trying to learn drawing for several years, using a variety of teaching sources (including a good course by The Great Courses). However, I hadn’t come across such a succinct and useful source until I started these books. See my attached photos an example of how I progressed since starting the books.
The books are extremely well written - witty, in-depth, personable, and thorough, with excellent examples throughout. There is also a fair bit of what I’d call philosophical writing about creating artwork, which helps to connect technique to the wider questions of making art. Ms. Aristides also discusses a lot of common problems and challenges that beginning artists encounter, and her ideas are very helpful. –Dave, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ “I have met many thousands of artists over the last fifty years of painting and thirty-five years of making paint. Very rarely do I meet someone who is good as writing as she is at her visual art. Juliette Aristides is one such person- both a terrific writer and great artist.” –Robert Gamblin, founder of Gamblin Artist Colors

★★★★★ “[Lessons in Classical Painting] is by far the most helpful book on painting I have ever read. First of all, the writing is philosophical, beautiful, and inspiring. Secondly, the technical information, especially on color mixing and theory, is invaluable. Although it requires more thought, patience, and practice, the classical approach to painting rewards the artist with the satisfaction of understanding.” –Holly777, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ A Terrific Format for A Drawing BookI [Beginning Drawing Atelier] love this format that gives you excellent instruction and the space to draw in the same book. Rather than having to carry a sketch pad or book, you draw on the high quality pages of this book. Juliette provides ghosted images of famous works, gives exercises on learning to see shapes, and to create volume. The reason I love this book is because I can read Juliette’s teaching and immediately put it into action on the same or adjoining page where she provides steps to create the drawing. This is a high level and user friendly instructional book based on the atelier approach, created with high quality heavy paper, and can be appreciated by those seeking good instruction and those wanting to have a fun book with interesting drawing exercises to keep up their skills. –Marinnes, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ Beautiful Book. This book looks great, feels good in the hand. The content is interesting and well organized, the illustrations are beautiful. Overall a very inspiring book. –education first, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ A beautiful and unique sketchbook that will remain in my bag. This is not only a beautifully made book but practical for anyone looking to hone their drawing skills. It is a most have for students and teachers alike. The images are exquisite and the quality of the book itself is impressive. Kudos to Juliette for producing a UNIQUE and portable instructional sketchbook that will remain in my bag for months. Cannot wait for the next one to come out. –Frances, Amazon Reviewer