–Sheryl M.

LOVE being in your workshops! The philosophical and practical blending you do satisfies so many different parts of my psyche that I always feel tremendously enhanced and advanced by any time spent with you! I think that you are remarkable and a treasure as an artist and a teacher, so thank you beaucoup and encore for all you have done and are doing to create beauty/truth and to help your students grow as humane artists! 

–Ruth H.

Juliette is an incredible artist and teacher. She teaches the fundamental drawing techniques, but goes way above and beyond - how to make your drawing truly artistic, how to find the gesture of a pose, never lose that gesture, and find meaning in art. Every time I get the opportunity to work with her, I leave more inspired, more dedicated, and more grateful for art. She is an artist and a person that I truly admire, and despite her great talent, she is one of the most modest and approachable person you'll ever meet. Her teaching style is fantastic and she works with students 1:1 to address where you are in your drawing process. 

–Sarah T.

This workshop was transformative. Within a mere week, I was given the tools to take my skills to a whole other level. I came to class stuck in a rut and discouraged with my progress and ended the week full of confidence and passion for making art. I highly encourage anyone who is ready to elevate their skill level to take a workshop. I will definitely be signing up for another.

–R. Eckstsein

Excellent to see these types of courses offered for art students. Please keep your program going.

–Jeane S.

I'm realizing what draws me to your instruction and your work. There is an honest, un-fragmented naturalness; form beautiful, unadorned or rather unembellished. Thanks again for the PAFA workshop....it still inspires.